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Sharon Shamay Artist

Live and works in Givat-Ada, Israel

Inspiration to my artwork drives mainly from routine landscapes and objects that often go unnoticed by the banality and routine daily life. I paint unnoticed objects as solar boilers, electric poles, Road signs, roadsides, satellite maps, bus stations, and directional signs • To create my artwork, I use a combination of a variety of techniques and materials, which moves between femininity and masculinity. Concrete, wood, wires, fabrics, and textiles threads, acrylic and oil paints, salt, rust, photographs, clay, pigments, pencils, inks, and more • In the last year I started working with monoprint with a stencil I cut myself. The inspiration for these monoprints is satellite maps and aerial photography of urban and rural landscapes. The locations are ones that have some role in my autobiography. I am experimenting with monoprint and textile colors on fabrics, paper, and wood. I also developed monoprint using concrete instead of traditional printing inks.

Awards and Honors

• The Susanne and Andreas Gal prize for graduate the M.Des Degree with Highest Honor

• 2015 Azriely Design Award

• Excellence Scholarship 2013



Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

M.Des Program of Master in Design

Summa Cum Lauda

Sapir College

Pottery and Ceramic sculpture

Vital College and Middlesex University

Bachelor BA Honours

Graphic Design

Previous exhibitions
• 2022-2023 - Craft of Disappearance, Philistine Culture Museum, Ashdod

• 2021 -  Between the times, Ha-Keshet 49, Illustration week, Tel Aviv

• 2021 -  The Philosophical saloon, Bet Ariela, Tel Aviv

• 2021 - "The First International Festival of Manuports",  Kohta - International kunsthalle                 and space for contemporary art, Teurastamo, Helsinki, Finland

• 2019 - “For the glory of…”, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel-Aviv,

• 2018 - “We declare this - 70 designers, 70 years”, Israel Prize ceremony, 70’th                               Independence Day, ICC Jerusalem

• 2015 - “Etched & Engraved”, Solo exhibition, Yavne art workshop gallery, Yavne

• 2014 - “Operational movement”, M.Des gallery, Shenkar, Ramat-Gan

• 2014 - “Me, Myself, Another”, Yavne art workshop gallery, Yavne

• 2013 - “Intimate item”, Artists’ Pavilion, Rishon Le-Zion

• 2013 - “Alumni Exhibition” Beit Midrash for Art, Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan

• 2012 - “Friendship”, Yad Lebanim House gallery, Hod-Hasharon.

• 2011 - “Cluster”, Yavneh art workshop gallery, Yavne

• 2011 - “Drawing Connections”, Siena Art Institute, Siena

• 2010 - “The beauty has a taste of war tracks…”, Chagall Artists House, Haifa.

• 2010 - “Everything comes back to us ...”, Yavne art workshop gallery, Yavne

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